05/05/2013 11:24 BST

Amazing 360 Degree Roller Coaster Photos By Lewis Whyld Will Give You Vertigo (PICTURES)

These dizzying photos freeze in time the vertigo-inducing moments aboard some of the country's best thrill rides.

Photographer Lewis Whyld developed a camera system capable of shooting "360 degree pictures with split second timing at over 100km/h whilst pulling 5G… upside down".

The full interactive 360 degree photos can be seen at Whyld's website here.

360 degree roller coaster photos

The rides include the 'Colossus' at Thorpe Park and 'Rita' at Alton Towers

The results are pretty impressive.

Whyld's subject matter is often a touch more serious than thrill rides, his work during the Egyptian revolution is more harrowing but no less impressive.