WATCH: Justin Bieber Attacked On Stage In Dubai (VIDEO)

WATCH: Justin Bieber Attacked On Stage In Dubai (VIDEO)

The video tells the story.

Justin Bieber, who's been keeping out of trouble for all of the last week - even reportedly stopping his concerts to respect prayer times in Dubai - got small thanks for his efforts at his latest concert.

It seemed one fan was just in too much of a hurry to meet his idol, and stormed the stage where the teenage star was mid-song.

Watch their encounter above.

It was during the Canadian 19-year-old's final number, Believe, so presumably the enthusiastic male fan had been psyching himself up during the entire concert, and finally grabbed his chance. Their union didn't last long, however.

Respect to the Bieb, who shook himself down, and finished his song, and then two more numbers to round off the concert.

And never mind Bieber, poor piano.


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