Justin Bieber

In a video posted on Instagram, the singer said he's been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome and can smile with only one side of his mouth.
People thought the singer was mocking Justin Bieber's wife, but Selena said she had "zero bad intention" in the awkward coincidence.
Including controversial wins, A-list performances and a lot of surprises.
Hailey was taken to hospital last week after suffering a blood clot to her brain.
David Beckham was the inspiration for his 19-year-old son's "insane" new ink.
A decade on from her untimely death, the iconic star's legacy lives on.
The Peaches singer has made no secret of his hopes to become a dad in the past.
One of the show's A-list guests managed to make their way onto the Central Perk set with the cast.
The upcoming special features famous fans of the sitcom including Justin Bieber, David Beckham and Lady Gaga.