Justin Bieber

The prolific music manager is best known for his work with stars like Justin Bieber – as well as his infamous beef with Taylor Swift.
The 26-year-old model revealed why she “gets scared” at the thought of becoming a mum.
The Only Murders In The Building star shared a stern message with her fans on Instagram.
Many fans of the Sorry singer have been voicing their disappointment over the way the tour news was handled.
The Peaches singer claimed the Swedish retailer had released a range of apparel inspired by his tour without his authorisation.
The two posed for their first public photo together after both spoke out against online hate from fans.
In a video posted on Instagram, the singer said he's been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome and can smile with only one side of his mouth.
People thought the singer was mocking Justin Bieber's wife, but Selena said she had "zero bad intention" in the awkward coincidence.
Including controversial wins, A-list performances and a lot of surprises.
Hailey was taken to hospital last week after suffering a blood clot to her brain.