Kim Jong-Un Visits Turf Institute In Pyonyang, North Korea (PICTURES)

LOOK: Scary North Korean Dictator Does A Spot Of Gardening

If you're trying to cultivate an image of a maniacal dictator with your finger constantly hovering precariously above the nuclear button, do not release pictures like this.

There's nothing quite like shopping for a new lawn roller and inspecting turf to take the homicidal edge off North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-Un.

Not to mention those marquee-esque pantaloons.

"They have the same capacity as your dinner bowls Sir"

Jong-Un was in fact inspecting the Turf Institute of the Bioengineering Branch under the State Academy of Sciences in suburban Pyongyang on Sunday.

According to state media, he "praised the soldier-builders for erecting the monument to the institute in an imposing manner" and noted the "research rooms and laboratories were built well to suit the nature of the institute".

To be fair, that is some lovely looking turf

He inspected various types of turf looking for one that is "green all the year round, strong in resistance to cold and treading and high in ornamental effect".

Perhaps if they put as much effort in producing edible crops as they do ornamental grass they wouldn't have one of the most malnourished populations on the planet.

Kim Jong-Un inspecting Turf Institute of the Bioengineering Branch


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