'Star Trek' Director JJ Abrams Addresses Talk Of 'Star Trek 3', And What He Thinks Of Benedict Cumberbatch

JJ Abrams And Star Trek 3?

JJ Abrams has promised if there is a third 'Star Trek' film he will produce the movie, and would love to direct again.

The 'Star Trek Into Darkness' director seems to already be lining up the project for his production company, Bad Robot.

JJ Abrams addresses talk of a third 'Star Trek' film at his hands

He said: "No matter what if there is a third film Bad Robot and I will be producing the film, so we'll definitely be involved in it.

"Depending on schedules I'll see if I'm able to direct it but it would be a very bittersweet thing to have someone else direct these amazing actors - it was an incredible privilege to do so."

Abrams said one of the main things bringing him back to the franchise was being able to work with the cast again.

He said of making the sequel: "You're always nervous. You're always hoping people like the film and that everything works out.

"But I really do feel like this group is so extraordinary ... one of the reasons I wanted to do the sequel at all was the chance to work with everyone here again."

He also praised Benedict Cumberbatch who appears in 'Star Trek Into Darkness', saying: "He's an extraordinary talent, one of the greatest actors I've ever seen."

Star Trek: Into Darkness is in UK cinemas this week. Premiere pictures below...


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