07/05/2013 13:57 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Amazing Video Of Seven-Month-Old Baby Water Skiing

Yes, this baby really is water skiing!

The child is seven-month-old Ryder Blair, and he might not be able to walk yet, but he has certainly made a splash finding his sea legs.

Little Ryder has become a You Tube sensation as footage of his amazing skills have taken the web by storm.

His proud mum Tamara is quick to point out that her water-baby is not actually being pulled along by a boat, but simply dragged along the shoreline.

Seven-month-old baby learns to water-ski
"This is our son Ryder learning to ski at the age of 7.5 months at Lake Dyer, Queensland," she writes on her YouTube page. "Please note: he is not actually behind a boat he is just being pulled along the shoreline. Next step is to get him beside the boat next season when its warmer again. We used our GoPro to capture this moment. "

So far almost 130,000 viewers have watched Ryder making waves, with most of the comments being positive. One commenter wrote: "I'm a grandfather, and it looks as if that baby is enjoying himself. Although some parents would putt their child in harm this baby doesn't look to be. At least these parents are having fun with their child. It's awesome!"

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