Low-Carb Atkins Diet Could Cause Sleepiness During Daytime (PICTURES)

Feeling Sleepy?
Could you diet be making you sleepy?
Could you diet be making you sleepy?

A new study suggests that your level of sleepiness or alertness during the day may be related to the type of food that you eat.

Researchers from the Penn State College of Medicine in America found that 31 healthy, non-obese normal sleepers, who ate large amounts of fat, were more sleepy during waking hours than study volunteers who consumed more carbohydrate.

However, researchers also pointed that there was no relationship between protein consumption and sleepiness or alertness.

"Increased fat consumption has an acute adverse effect on alertness of otherwise healthy, non-obese adults," said professor of psychiatry, Alexandros Vgontza, in a statement.

These findings echo previous studies that have shown a similar association between diet and objective sleepiness, he adds.

"Excessive daytime sleepiness and fatigue are very prevalent in the modern world and on the rise," said Vgontzas.

"It appears that a diet high in fat decreases alertness acutely, and this may have an impact on an individual's ability to function and also public safety."

:: The research was published in an online supplement of the journal Sleep and the finding will be presented at SLEEP 2013, on June 4.

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