08/05/2013 11:36 BST

Graham Norton 'Doesn't Judge' Mark Wahlberg Over His Drunken Appearance On Chat Show

Oh how we laughed when Mark Wahlberg appeared on 'The Graham Norton' Show in February, alongside Sarah Silverman and Michael Fassbender.

We can't say he was drunk, but he was definitely merrier than usual.

Host Norton had the pleasure of Marky Mark sitting on his lap and stroking him, while Silverman grew visibly irked as Wahlberg kept cutting her off. And Fassbender tried not to blush as Wahlberg challenged hime to "a big d**k contest".

mark wahlberg graham norton

Mark Wahlberg, Sarah Silverman, and Michael Fassbender with Graham Norton

Now Norton has spoken out about the incident to Digital Spy, claiming he "doesn't judge" Wahlberg for his behaviour.

"I think the three of us had met a lot of drunk people over the years," Norton said. "Mark Wahlberg's been on the show before and he's a really lovely guy.

mark wahlberg graham norton

Mark Wahlberg and Sarah Silverman

"We've all done that thing where you suddenly realise, 'I'm by far the drunkest person at this dinner party' and you don't know how that happened. It was a bit like that, so I don't judge him harshly at all. It was just a thing."

At the time of the show airing, Donnie Wahlberg, Mark's brother, explained the incident this way: "Few people in the world know how funny, the funny side of, my lil' bro @mark_wahlberg actually is. Until tonight perhaps. He's a cheeky one."

Got that? He's not drunk, he's just cheeky.

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