graham norton

The presenter says he's now busier than ever, despite wanting to take his "foot off the pedal a bit".
The chat show host used to be famed for his acerbic takedowns of celebrities.
The comedian kept the jokes and one liners coming as he kept a watchful eye over proceedings.
This year's awards will be given out over two nights, Bafta has also confirmed.
Tina said she faced criticism when she dated the chat show host in the noughties.
Catch up on the week in entertainment with Good Vibes Only, as we talk about a mischievous moment in Graham Norton’s childhood, Tom Jones’ shirt on The Graham Norton Show, John Travolta’s Miracle-Gro dance and the mega role that Michelle Pfeiffer passed on.
"Either I have an operation I don’t need or I tell the doctor there’s nothing wrong with me and there will be two very angry adults."
The 80-year-old crooner won huge praise for his performance, but also sparked a lot of conversation for a much sillier reason.
We review the US inauguration performances from Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry, as well as Nigella Lawson’s perfect farewell to Donald Trump. We pick apart the first few weeks of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, and find out what connection Graham Norton has to one of the US queens.
The presenter met the drag star in the early noughties, but remembers Kristian Seeber as a “terrible boyfriend” in his memoir.
There was an awkward moment when the two appeared together on This Morning last week, but Graham has insisted it was all in good fun.
The presenter is taking a more hands-on approach to his role as a DJ when he moves to Virgin Radio, though.
“As soon as you asked the question, I thought, ‘well this is going to go one of two ways’.”
The 2020 event was cancelled in light of the coronavirus pandemic.
“I won’t be on that list anymore. The kind of high earners list, which I didn’t like being on,” the presenter said.
"It’s not often I’m speechless but this has left me, quite frankly, gobsmacked."
The presenter revealed last week that he was leaving his Saturday morning Radio 2 show after 10 years.
He'll present his final show on the station next month.