Your Friday Night Plans Are Officially Sorted Thanks To Miriam Margolyes

The Bafta winner is back on Graham Norton's sofa and we are so ready.
Miriam Margolyes
Miriam Margolyes
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Whatever you had planned for Friday night, cancel it. Start putting your takeaway order together now. Get something refreshing to drink in the fridge. Turn your phone off. Because folks… it’s happening. Miriam Margolyes is back on The Graham Norton Show.

On Friday’s edition of the much-loved talk show, the Bafta winner will be joined on the sofa by Succession’s Sarah Snook, pop singer Boy George and The Morning Show actor Greta Lee.

Miriam is on the show to promote the second instalment of her new book Oh, Miriam!, in which the Harry Potter star said she was keen to show a different side of herself.

“It’s not quite as rude as the first one because I wanted to talk about the more serious part of my life, so people don’t just think I am a maniac,” she says during her interview with Graham.

“I am a real person,” she then adds.

Elsewhere in the chat, Miriam also opens up about her relationship with her long-term partner of 54 years and her explicit slip-up after she crossed paths with Jeremy Hunt on Radio 4 last year.

Miriam has now appeared on Graham Norton’s show nine times in total, and each time has provided some class of outrageous viral moment.

Who could forget when she astounded Stanley Tucci with a tale from her sexual history, or left Rupert Everett aghast with an anecdote about her public flatulence?

Our favourite moment of them all, though, came when she admitted to Dominic Cooper she thought Mamma Mia! – in which he starred as Sky – was a “dreadful film”, to the shock of everyone present.

Miriam also shared the sofa with the late Matthew Perry in 2016, where she left him speechless by admitting she’d “creamed in my knickers” while meeting Sir Laurence Olivier for the first time.

However, earlier this year, Miriam admitted she regretted one personal question she posed to the former Friends star during their joint appearance.

Watch some select highlights from Miriam’s previous appearances on The Graham Norton Show below:

The Graham Norton Show airs on Friday night 10.40pm on BBC One


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