Robotic Girl And Dog Smell Your Breath And Feet, Insult You Accordingly

If you fear that your bad breath or stinky feet could lead to rejection from fellow humans then fear no more.

In the great Japanese tradition of using advanced technology to create sinister robots, you can now try out your odours on a humanoid and her dog first.

Simply breathe into the face of the brunette - 'Kaori-chan' - and she will bluntly let you know if your mouth is a halitosis hell-hole.

Meet Kaori-chan

Ratings range from: "It smells like citrus!" to "There's an emergency taking place! That’s beyond the limit of patience".

Meanwhile her dog will display varying levels of affection depending on the state of your feet.


Kennosuke Tsutsumi, head of CrazyLabo who developed the robots with the Kitakyushu National College of Technology, simply wanted to make robots that make people laugh.

His admirable sentiment arose after witnessing the horror of the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami when he decided to do what he could for people affected.

He told Ashai Shimbum: "I want to continue to produce things that make people laugh and create a good atmosphere."

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