ABBA's Agnetha Faltskog: 'We Weren't Very Good Live'

ABBA's Agnetha Faltskog has claimed that the group "weren't very good" at performing live.

The singer - who notched up nine UK number one singles with the group in the 70s and 80s - added that she found singing live "difficult".

Agnetha Faltskog

"Performing live is not my favourite," she told You magazine. "I am more of a recording person; I prefer to be private.

"I didn't mind doing videos, I can take that, but walking on stage in concert and singing live, that is a bit difficult. And I don't think we sounded or looked very good."

Abba, the top-selling Swedish group

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In another interview with The Sun, the star also challenged her reputation as the band's recluse, explaining that a fear of flying stopped her from travelling with her bandmates.

"There have been so many years I did not fly and Björn and Benny and Frida travelled more," she said. "There were photos of the three without me and I was called the recluse."

"I had to have therapy for my fear, it's getting better but it takes a long time. I can fly now for two or three hours but no more."

Faltskog had a musical comeback earlier this year and is set to release new album, 'A', on 13 May.