Eight Killed In Burning Building In Lahore, Pakistan (PHOTOS)

Warning: Graphic Photos

At least four people are believed to have jumped to their deaths after an office block caught fire in Pakistan.

The 13-storey LDA Plaza building in Lahore caught fire on Thursday morning and quickly intensified, spreading to three floors.

The people who jumped were on the seventh and eighth floors of the government building while many others stranded in their offices could be seen frantically trying to escape.

Onlookers on the ground could be seen praying as emergency and firefighting teams tried to bring the fire under control with a Pakistan military helicopter brought in to airlift those who had managed to escape to the roof.

The rescue team's efforts were hampered because of wrongly parked cars outside the plaza as well as a lack of vital machinery for the operation, according to It also claimed that the building had no fire exits.