09/05/2013 06:54 BST

WARNING: This Bloody Mary May Be The Most Disgusting Drink You've Ever Seen (PICTURE)

Stop press! The search for the World's Weirdest Drink is over!

o davey bloody mary

Yes, hidden underneath those nachos, pickles, sausages and burgers is, somewhere, a Bloody Mary.

According to Food Beast, this, erm, magnificent concoction costs $5 (a snip!) and is served up by O’Davey’s Pub - a restaurant in Wisconsin that launches a new food-stuffed cocktail on the first Sunday of every month. This particular beauty was created in honour of Opening Day for the Milwaukee Brewers - who aren't, before you ask, a beer-making company but a baseball team.

But be warned - it's only available "while supplies last". What are you waiting for?! Book a flight to Milwaukee now, Brits!

(Via Twenty Two Words/Food Beast/Reddit)