Star Trek Verses Star Wars Poll Reveals Lib Dems Are HUGE Trekkies

Lib Dems Are MASSIVE Trekkies

It's three years into the Nick Clegg's five year mission to boldly go where no Lib Dems have gone before - into government - and the polls are not looking that great.

Perhaps one thing the coalition's second in command could do to prevent a mutiny in the ranks would be to offer voters tickets to see the new Star Trek film. A survey conducted by YouGov to mark the release of the latest instalment, Into Darkness, has found that Lib Dem voters are HUGE Trekkies.

When asked if they preferred the escapades of captain Kirk and commander Spock or Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, 64% opted for Star Trek and 36% chose Star Wars.

Tory voters also preferred Star Trek (53%) more than Star Wars (47%). Presumably this includes John Redwood, infamously described as "half human, half Vulcan, brother of the brilliant, cold-blooded Spock".

With two years to go until the general election Labour voters are hoping the force is strong with Ed Miliband. As they are more into Death Stars and lightsabers than the USS Enterprise and phasers, preferring Star Wars (57%) to Star Trek (43%).

Ukip supporters were evenly split in preference for either sci-fi universe - although it seems likely the eurosceptics would not be huge fans of Earth being part of Star Trek's European Union-style United Federation of Planets.

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