Heartbeaking Photo Of Little Girl Prompts Huge Support From Redditors

This photo, posted on picture-sharing website imgur, is one of the most heart-breaking pictures you'll see today.

Read the caption and you'll understand why.

The photo was posted by Elealyan to image sharing website Imgur with the caption:

This is my niece. She is 5 years old. She has a mother who just recently got out of jail for assault and a father that is still in jail for (as far as I know) possession of child pornography. She lives with her Grandma, who she calls Nice.

This picture is her today. Her mother got married in a rush ceremony at the courthouse. My niece was confused and afraid. As soon as the 'wedding' was over, her mother gave a half-hearted hug and left with her new husband. My mom caught this picture of my niece looking hurt and abandoned and it breaks my heart.

I will always be there for my niece. I will show her the love she doesn't get from her parents. Pictures like this shouldn't have to happen.

After sharing the image, Redditor Elealyan has certainly received some very strong messages of support.