14/05/2013 06:25 BST | Updated 14/05/2013 07:06 BST

Ahmed Angel: Move Over Omar Bourkan Al Gala, There's A New Zoolander In Town (PICTURES)

Those carefully plucked eyebrows. That tank top. A subtly-placed beauty spot.

Move over Omar Bourkan Al Gala – there’s a new Zoolander in town.

Meet Ahmed Angel, the poutiest, most heavily airbrushed man on the internet.

ahmed angel

Friend to the dolphins: Ahmed Angel's visage hovers above the ocean

Whether he’s posing in a leather dishdash (so practical for those Middle Eastern summers), rocking a tight pair of acid washed jeans or modestly sketching a picture of himself, this guy just oozes star quality.

Angel's Facebook pages variously list his occupation as a student and a doctor. Hmmm.

According to Yahoo, Angel is Iraqi-born and prides himself on being a “superstar” in the Middle East, Europe and Russia.

But like many a pretty face, he's got his fair share of "haters", like those Redditors who cruelly mocked his "I Am Planet" shoot.

You can count on our support, Angel.

Ahmed Angel