'Alien Space Fish' Space Station Video Continues To Baffle YouTube Months After Debunking (VIDEO)

Was An Alien Space Fish Just Filmed Outside The Space Station?

Canadian astronaut and social media sensation Chris Hadfield took many amazing videos before he returned from the Space Station.

But on some of the weirder corners of the internet, the best video from his five months aboard the ISS was never meant to be seen.

The one with the translucent space fish.

Yes, controversy still surrounds the (ahem) 'mysterious' clip shot in March which conspiracy theorists claimed showed an alien fish swimming past the craft in space.

The video, posted to YouTube and other websites, dates from the time Hadfield was commander on the ISS.

The footage was claimed to have been taken straight from a Nasa live stream.

Unfortunately for alien hunters, the footage was proven to be false. After an extensive search a user of the forum AboveTopSecret managed to find the original footage, and showed that one unscrupulous user had digitally inserted the creature into the scene.

But for many on YouTube who aren't aware the clip has been debunked, it's still a source of fascination.

"Maybe, space isn't what people thing it is and barriers to other worlds are being breeched," said one commenter. "People are messing with things, space and time, that they should NOT be messing with."


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