Amazon Buys Liquavista With Eye To Colour E-Ink Displays

Your next Kindle could have a colour E-ink screen, after Amazon bought a company designed to make exactly that.

Liquavista is known for its innovative low-power, flexible 'electrowetting' displays. Engadget reported back in 2010 how the tech is able to create a full-colour screen with similar properties to the paper-like E-ink tech usually seen in E-readers.

But after the company was originally purchased by Samsung back in 2011, no signs of the technology have emerged in consumer products.

Now Amazon has picked up Liquavista with an eye to using the tech in its line of Kindle E-readers, Kindle Fire tablets and possible smartphones, if and when it decides to make them.

For now at least Amazon is remaining cagey about exactly when its products might show signs of the Liquavista influence.

"We are always looking for new technologies we may be able to incorporate into our products over the long term," an Amazon spokesperson told Cnet in an email.

"The Liquavista team shares our passion for invention and is creating exciting new technologies with a lot of potential. It's still early days, but we're excited about the possibilities and we look forward to working with Liquavista to develop these displays."

It is not known how much Amazon paid for the company.