Giant Rubber Duck Drowns In Hong Kong Harbour In Soggy Watery End (PICTURES)

Giant Rubber Duck Drowns Prompting Cries Of Foul Play

The giant rubber duck which once sailed proudly through Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour has drowned.

The city's new resident met its ignoble end on Wednesday, deflating into a soggy yellow pancake overnight.

There was no immediate diagnosis to explain the duck's demise, but residents of the city have been relentlessly snapping the sorry yellow splat, speculating wildly about the reasons behind its watery end.

An embarrassing end for ducky

Organisers didn't release a statement about the duck until much much later in the day, prompting accusations of fowl play.

Although they said it was a planned deflation, according to CNN, some suggested the duck's past troubled travels had caught up with it. Perhaps an angry chick taking revenge or death by hoisin?

The 54ft inflatable sculpture has also been spotted in Osaka, Sydney, Sao Paolo and Amsterdam.

In Belgium, during a port call in Belgium, it was stabbed 42 times by a vandal.

It was created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman and was meant to be on show until 9 June.

Bingo company Jackpot joy even ripped off the stunt to stage a giant rubber duck sailing down the Thames last November.

Click below to see more pictures of the duck both deflated and in happier times.


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