16/05/2013 12:02 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

'Britain Should Be Like China': GP Tells Mum Of Two She Is Irresponsible To Want More Children

A mum of two was told by her GP she was 'irresponsible' for wanting to have more children.

Charlotte Comer, 21, a travel agent currently on maternity leave, was reduced to tears by her doctor at Hill Barton Surgery in Exeter when she went in to get a prescription for tonsillitis.

She claims Doctor Justin Landen started to 'lecture' her about having too many children when she mentioned she would like a third with her 28-year-old partner, who works as a courier.

Charlotte – mum to Harrison lee, two, and Freddie, 11 weeks, - says the GP rang her later in the day to apologise.

She had now made a formal complaint to the surgery about the incident on May 13.

'I was gobsmacked. I never cry but as soon as I got out I just burst into tears. I was so angry," says Charlotte. "'I was walking out with Freddie and he asked me if I wanted any more kids. I told him we were thinking of having another but not until after we got married.

"I started explaining that we both came from big families so we'd like more children - and then he said he didn't think coming from big families justified having more children.

"He then started talking about how the country is overpopulated and anyone who has more than two children is irresponsible.

'Britain should be like China': GP tells mum of two she is irresponsible for wanting more children SWNS

"He started going on about how this country should be like China where people are allowed only one child. I was shocked to be having this conversation. I went in for some antibiotics and came out with a lecture. He started saying that in a few years' time the Government wouldn't be giving out benefits as much.


I felt like I was being judged, the way he was going on about benefits. I told him that my partner works 70 hours a week as a courier and I am on maternity leave and we weren't on benefits.


"I don't think he knew what to say to that, so he asked me why we would want more children if my partner works 70 hours a week and doesn't have enough time with his children already.

"He used that as a reason for us not to have more children. All the way through he kept saying 'I'm a doctor, I have to give advice on things like this, it's my job.'"

A statement issued by the NHS said: 'Dr Landen offered advice regarding ongoing contraception. There was no intention whatsoever to cause offence or distress and Dr Landen apologises if this has upset his patient.

"Dr Landen's priority as a GP is always to meet the health needs of his patients and at no point was this advice ill intended."

Watch the video interview above to hear more of her story.