Who Said It: Larry Page Or Steve Jobs? (QUIZ)

Google's keynote speech at its annual I/O Conference was a mixed bag. Yes, we got updates to Google Maps, the Play store and search. But where was the fun? Where was the pazazz? Where, in short, were the skydivers?

Luckily the conference did have at least one unexpected pleasure - Google founder Larry Page, who turned up on stage to deliver some remarks that were both inspiring and, occasionally, a little scary.

And for all their impact, it was difficult during Page's speech and Q&A not to think of other inspirational tech leaders, most of all the late Steve Jobs.

While the two had very different views about many aspects of computing - and led their companies into furious competition in mobile phones, maps and online services, their language is pretty similar when talking about the future of invention.

As an experiment, we've taken 11 quotes from both Jobs and Page, and jumbled them up in the quiz below. Can you tell who said what?