Gamer Plays With Same Pokemon For 11 Years


Remember the man who played Civilisation II for more than a decade, ending up with a world wracked with blood, fire and nuclear death?

This is like that, but lovely.

A very dedicated gamer has apparently played Pokemon with the same character for more than 11 years.

Blogger Cunzy11, who is from the UK, has used the same Omastar Pokemon - it's unique name is Dactylocer - since the release of Pokemon Fire Red in 2002.

By developing the Pokemon over time, and porting it from the original game to its various sequels, he has managed to make many different iterations of the Pokemon, and go on dozens of long adventures together.

The Omastar is a fossil type Pokemon, which Cunzy11 said is apt because he is a palaeontologist.

"Even though I know that it isn't 'my Omastar' being transferred from one game to another, it's merely the (genetic) code being replicated in the next game and permanently deleted from the old game I can genuinely say I have a sentimental attachment to this guy (and it is a male) who has now been my digital companion, more accurately, the digital companion of many of my trainers through each game, for just under a decade."

In an interview with KillScreen he said that his Omastar had lived a long and fruitful life:

"Omastar has travelled through time, travelled to five or six different regions, to crazy virtual spaces, and chilled out on Pokémon Ranch--through all these different realms and different universes."

He added that the Pokemon has also had children - occasionally with odd consequences.

"I'm pretty sure my Omastar has mothered a couple of hundred other Omastars. Sometimes with her own sons. Sometimes with radically different species. They're free and easy with how they breed. There's been some pretty freaky breeding over the years," he said.

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