Canadian Singer Alexis Normand Murders The American National Anthem At Ice Hockey Game (VIDEO)

WATCH: Singer Mangles National Anthem

Oh, bless.

As if the pressure wasn't great enough when you have to sing 'The Star-Spangled Banner' in front of a crowd of hyped-up sports fans.

Yes, Canadian singer Alexis Normand had the honour of performing the American national anthem ahead of Memorial Cup ice hockey game between the Portland Winterhawks from Oregon and Halifax Mooseheads from Nova Scotia.

And, well, put it this way: it started off well, and ended strongly - but in the middle, it went rather spectacularly wrong.

Normand later took to Twitter to apologise for her performance:

Like we say: bless. And don't worry, Alexis. At least you didn't lip-sync it like Beyonce.


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