'Made In Chelsea' Series 5 Episode 7 - What Is Wrong With Spencer Matthews???

So, we thought the 'Made in Chelsea' lot had finished playing romantic musical chairs for the time being, right? Hmmm...

It seemed Louise had put the past behind her and dived into another love triangle with Andy Jordan and his nostrils.

Meanwhile, Spencer had appeared to have put his philandering days behind him, and found his equal in Lucy Watson, much to the despair of their mutual friends.

Spencer and Lucy - a handsome couple, oh, "but we're not a couple," says Spencer

Why then was Louise STILL going on about Spencer to her girly-pals, telling them often and in several different ways, how she didn't even want to be in the same room as him any more? Did we get that, those at the back? She's O.V.A.H this man. Ok, then. Shut up, then.

However, she was having a bagful more fun than poor Lucy, who committed the cardinal sin of checking that her current squeeze wasn't... erm... squeezing anyone else as well. This is Spencer Matthews we're talking about. The man who, even if he wasn't looking elsewhere, is pathologically repelled from saying the words, "It's just you and me, babe, you can relax."

Instead, it was... "I'm not that much of a relationship guy in general." Cue sound of two-note fading trumpet as used in sitcoms everywhere. Or in real life. Or this strange thing in between.

In other news, Ollie was making a woman cry with his confusion as to why he just didn't feel like sleeping with her. Hang on, haven't we seen this before? In Season 1 it was Gabriella, this time around it was Ashley. Hmm. The faces may change, but the conversations stay the same when it comes to Ollie and his confusion. Perhaps it's time for him to smell some coffee beans.


Made In Chelsea Series 5

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