What Happens When You Put Fake Tan In Your Boyfriend's Moisturiser? (VIDEO)

Allow musical comedian Vikki Stone to explain - through the medium of song, of course.

Stone is fronting the campaign for Cadbury Crispello - and because this new chocolate is described as "a delicious, bite-sized chocolate naughtiness", they're asking people to confess their naughtiest moments on a dedicated Facebook page. Stone is then taking her favourite stories, and setting them to music.

So click play on the video above to enjoy the first one: which tells the tale of, yes, a woman putting fake tan into her boyfriend's moisturiser. And learning a valuable lesson as a result.

And if that isn't enough Vikki Stone-tasticness for you, here's another treat: her recent song about - nay, love letter to - the one and only Clare Balding, for which she's joined by fellow Balding enthusiasts Miss London and Pippa Duffy:

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