7 Terrible Ideas For Robots From Heavy Metal Album Covers (PICTURES)


Heavy metal music has done much good for the world, introducing us to the talents of Bruce Dickinson on vocals, Jeff Hanneman on guitar, and the sartorial delights of a really close-cut stonewash jean.

Unfortunately, for fans of the genre it has also been responsible for much ill in the world too.

No, we don't mean the music (though much of the output between 1998 and 2004 is fairly questionable).

We're talking about the genre's ideas for robots.

While browsing our favourite music streaming service this week, we noticed an album which reminded us just how many terrible ideas for androids, cyborgs and mechanical humans metal bands have come up with over the years.

We've pulled some of our favourite examples below. Let us know if we've missed any. And in future if you see a long-haired Viking wandering around Maplin with a Flying V in one hand and a Raspberry Pi in the other, for the love of all humanity do everything you can to stop them.

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