China Demolishes Massive Highway Under A Blanket (VIDEO)

WATCH: China Demolishes Massive Highway Under A Blanket

What happens when you need to demolish a 2.2-mile long bridge, but it's surrounded by about 30 local gas lines, power cables and one major national pipeline?

That's what happened in China recently, when the Zhaun-yang viaduct in Wuhan, Hubei needed to be torn down - just 16 years after it was built.

With a 100,000V power transmission line and a national gas pipeline nearby, to say nothing of the thousands of local residents, the demolition needed to be strictly controlled while still fast enough to put up a new six-lane replacement in short order.

The solution was to cover the bridge in a heavy cloth apron, covered with wire and weight down with sacks of sand and water. Then you light the fuse and watch the whole thing disintegrate. It's a high-tech, neat solution to the problem, and it makes for spectacular video footage. Take a look above.


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