21/05/2013 06:10 BST

Seecrypt Mobile App Lets You Make Calls And Texts In Complete Secrecy (Just Don't Use It For Evil)

Good news for those planning nefarious deeds - a new £2 app can give military-grade encryption to your mobile calls and texts.

The 'Seecrypt' app, backed by the Dubai-based Porton Group, allows two users to communicate anywhere in the world with their conversation masked by two 2,048 digit cyphers.

The app is marketed as protecting private calls and protecting against industrial espionage, but some in the intelligence community have voiced concerns it could be used by terrorists and criminals.

The new app could present a new challenge for security services

Additionally, the app is based in the Cayman Islands where Western security services have no jurisdiction to request any data gathered.

The makers of the app have promised to work with intelligence agencies to ensure the app "does not fall into the wrong hands" but how this is possible with an easily accessible £2 app is unclear.

Porton Group's previous encryption software is seen as so effective it is regularly used by coalition forces in Afghanistan and has been certified virtually bug-proof by GCHQ, the UK government's secret listening post.