Two-Way Mirror Claim In Toilets Of Glasgow's 'The Shimmy Club' Probed After Facebook Photos Emerge

A Scottish nightclub is under a police investigation after it was alleged two-way mirrors had been installed into the female toilets so men could secretly observe women from two private rooms.

The Shimmy Club in Glasgow was forced to issue an apology on Monday after reporters from the Scottish Sunday Express posed as customers and were told of the 'Smoke and Mirrors' areas.

Although the club insists the rooms are not for all-male or mixed-sex groups, photographs on the club's Facebook page appear to contradict this.

A stock image of mirrors in a nightclub toilet

Reaction from female clubbers and women's rights groups has been one of disgust.

An online petition to withdraw awards to the company behind the club, G1 Group, has attracted over 1,300 signatures.

The club's apology has also raised a few eyebrows due to its tone.

On their Facebook page The Shimmy Club wrote: "The Shimmy Club’s two-way mirror is a design feature created as a bit of fun, an interactive feature which we hoped would act as a talking point for people visiting The Shimmy.

"There has always been signage in the toilets which no-one has mentioned thus far but as a result of the media feedback clearer signage has been put in place to inform our female customers.

"God help us when they find out that we have buried vibrators into sections of the dancefloor..............."

Glasgow MSP Drew Smith expressed concern over two-way mirrors.

He said: "I think most of us find the concept of a voyeur toilet disturbing," reports the Daily Mail.

"I would urge the management of this club to board it up and show their customers some respect.

"Women using a washroom should not have to worry about whether they are part of some kind of bizarre peep show."

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