22/05/2013 08:08 BST | Updated 22/05/2013 08:09 BST

3D Human Doll Cloning In Japan (PICTURES)

Are you an egomaniac? Do you want nothing more than to immortalise your fine self in the form of a doll clone?

Well you’re in luck – because a factory in Japan will do just that for you.

The Clone Factory in Tokyo's Akihabara district will make a 3D printed doll cloned from any human being.

Real life dolls: A selection of The Clone Factory's 3D miniatures

The process, which costs 138,000 yen (around £900), is particularly popular among Japanese women looking to preserve that special moment in their lives, such as their wedding day by cloning hair and make-up and even the dress they wore, Tech Handle explains.

Culture Japan’s Danny Choo went along to get a miniature of himself, which entailed having a 3D model of his head rendered with digital SLRs.

A plaster mould is then created, covered in topcoat and then affixed to a doll’s body. In Choo's case, he opted for a Stormtrooper, as you do.

Are you tempted to have yourself immortalised in miniature?

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