‘Handwash Style': NHS Trust Uses ‘Gangnam Style' To Promote Hygiene In Awkward But Endearing Fashion (VIDEO)

WATCH: Hospital's Awkward 'Gangnam Style' Parody

Congratulations, Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust. It appears your 'I Can, You Can, We Can' Hand Hygiene campaign has got off to a cracking start - because this video's going viral.

It shows doctors, nurses, receptionists, porters and other hospital staff dancing to 'Use This Handwash Style' - which, as you will see, is their version of 'Gangnam Style' but with the lyrics and actions subtly changed to encourage people to wash their hands. Genius.

One US website has called the result "embarrassing" - but we think that's a bit harsh. Silly? Yes. Awkward? Definitely. But hey - that's the British way!

Come on, everybody: use the handwash style!


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