Steve Jobs Hologram? Gossip Blog Asks Apple CEO Tim Cook If Founder Could Return In Virtual Form

Gossip Blog To Apple CEO : 'Will Steve Jobs Return As A Hologram?'

When celebrity gossip blog TMZ ran across Apple CEO Tim Cook leaving Tuesday's Senate hearing on tax, they only had time to ask one question.

But these guys are pros, used to celebrities rushing past with time to shout only a few words of inquiry.

Which is why their reporter - without hesitation, and presumably with dozens of possible questions running through his mind, from Apple's tax situation to human rights in China, the challenge from Samsung and the new Xbox - arrived on the most important, the most significant, and the most crucial line of inquiry possible.

'Will Apple unveil a hologramatic Steve Jobs at its next press conference?'

"I can't comment on that," Mr Cook said.

So that's that.

Still, as TMZ note, it's not exactly a denial. But we don't expect a Tupac-style resurrection of the iconic Apple founder any time soon...

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