Topless Femen Activist Touts Fake Gun In Notre Dame Cathedral Protest After Dominique Venner's Suicide

A Femen activist has been arrested after carrying out a topless protest in Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral.

With the words “May facists rest in hell”, the woman – referred to on the Femen Facebook page as “the angel of death” was photographed pointing a fake gun into her mouth.

A Femen protester stormed Paris's Notre Dame cathedral today

Venner, who campaigned against gay marriage and Islam, shot himself in the mouth on Tuesday and died 20 minutes later, French reports said.

On Wednesday, the Femen Facebook page called on “European Nazis” to “follow the example of the ultra-right Wenner and immediately commit suicide, thereby permanently excluding themselves from the political arena in Europe.”

It added: “Hurry, on the sacrificial altar of Notre Dame, there is not so much space!”

Femen leader Inna Shevchenko told The HuffPost: "This is a message to all those who support fascism and those who honoured the memory of far-right activist who committed suicide at Notre Dame, including Marine Le Pen."

Chanting "Bye bye Benedict" and "No more homophobe" the group banged bells with sticks and sported slogans on their naked chests which read "Crisis of faith" and "Pope no more".

Far-right activist Dominique Venner committed suicide in the famous cathedral on Tuesday

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Femen protesters at Notre Dame in February, celebrating the resignation of the Pope.


Femen Notre-Dame Demo