Xbox One UK Price: Zavvi Says £400, 30 November For Microsoft's New Machine

According to tradition, after the excitement (and backlash) of a new console announcement comes a second, less positive piece of news - the price you're going to pay for one.

And while Microsoft is keeping quiet for now on the official price of the Xbox One, announced on Tuesday, one UK retailer has already give its estimate.

And it's high.

According to a - probably speculative - listing on, the Xbox One will cost £399.99 when it is released on 30 November, 2013.

By comparison the basic Xbox 360 cost £209 at launch, while the premium version weighed in at £279.

It's possible to pre-order a console now - and there is a lowest price guarantee built in so if the price is lower you won't have to cancel and order somewhere else.

But quite why you would pre order so far from the official launch is a little beyond us - let alone the questions that still surround basic elements of how the console works.

Needless to say, it's likely that Zavvi are acting on instinct here and that the final machine could cost more, or less, or both than their first guess. That's down to the (unconfirmed, naturally) rumour that two deals could eventually be unveiled - a full-price console and a discounted version with a multi-year Xbox Live subscription.