Petition Calls On Government To Fund 'Back To The Future' Hoverboard Research Before 2015

Great Scott! A petition has been launched on a government website to boost funding for the development of hover boards.

The demand has been issued on the E-Petitions website, on which the public is allowed to present issues for consideration by ministers.

It asks ministers to consider funding a Back To The Future-style transportation device "so that we'd never have to walk again".

The petition reads:

"We've all seen the film 'Back to the Future' it prompts fond childhood memories of how exciting it was going to be living in the future. Flying cars, robots to do the housework and most importantly the hoverboard so that we'd never have to walk again."

"The date in the back to the future film is fast approaching and we are an embarrassing million miles away from introducing the hoverboard to everyday life.

"This petition calls on the government to increase funding into hoverboard research so that we can have the hoverboard in widespread use across the globe by October 21st 2015, the date depicted in film."

If a petition reaches 100,000 signatures it is considered by the Parliamentary Back Bench Business Committee, who then decide whether or not it deserves a debate in the Commons.

So far it doesn't look good for the idea, posted by a Mr Joe Bradley.

Not only is it unclear exactly how the government - specifically the Department for Transport - could help in this matter, but the petition only has seven votes.*

Or rather, eight votes. How could we resist signing up? More power to you, Joe.

* UPDATE: The petition now has 61 votes, still 99,939 short of the required total.