Damian Lewis Hints That 'Homeland' Series 3 Might Be Last We See Of Sergeant Nicholas Brody

Damian Lewis has hinted that the third series of 'Homeland' might be the last for his character Brody.

Viewers were left wondering what would become of Brody following the cataclysmic events of the Series 2 finale, which saw the soldier-turned-terrorist on the run for an attack he claims he didn't commit. We also watched as his lover Carrie eventually chose to leave his side, and return to her job at the CIA - that of hunting down the world's most wanted terrorist, ie, Brody - even as the firewood in their remote log cabin was still cooling.

Brody is now friendless, wifeless and the world's authorities looking for him - but does he have a future?

So Brody is a hunted man, with his confession video (for an earlier crime he couldn't actually bring himself to commit) playing on every street corner, but actor Damian Lewis this week hinted this cat-and-mouse game couldn't go on for ever...

"I think Homeland can go on forever. Whether Brody can go on forever is a different matter," he told reporters in Cannes, remarkably sanguine about a role that has brought him household familiarity in the States, and a clutch of awards, including an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

"We’ll just play each season as it comes. Writers write themselves into interesting positions, sometimes not wholly expected positions. So it’s a continuing surprise for everybody."

With or without Brody, does Lewis think Homeland can continue indefinitely? "I know they won't flog it," he said. "I think once it stops being interesting, they'll leave it alone."

Talking of interesting versus tired, Lewis also spoke to Digital Spy a while ago, when he mused on the prospect of Brody and Carrie ever actually settling down together...

"I think Brody and Carrie are over. I think it's over. I don't think those two can be together - can you imagine them being married and bringing up kids? It wouldn't last long."

Which lends weighty support to some HuffPostUK musings on the very same topic as Season 2 drew to a close...

With Saul looking out for you, why would you opt to go on the road with a suspected international terrorist? "We could be happy," said Brody. But how? Without his enigmatic potential for evil, her paranoia, his wife, her demons, what WOULD they have to talk about? There are only so many croissants you can eat, and brown paper bags to carry out to the lake.

Damian Lewis in Cannes, beaming in a very un-Brody-like way

What do we know about Series 3? Well, we've got the official synopsis from US showmakers Showtime, thus:

Homeland' Season 3 opens during the aftermath of the horrific terror attack that decimated the U.S. intelligence apparatus, and prompted a global manhunt for the world's most wanted terrorist -- Nick Brody (Damian Lewis). As Carrie (Claire Danes) and Saul (Mandy Patinkin) begin to pick up the pieces of their shattered professional and personal lives, they are swept up in the political and media firestorm surrounding the terror attack and the subsequent search for Brody's whereabouts.

Which, let's face it, we probably could have taken an educated guess at. The rest will seemingly have to wait.

Meanwhile, Lewis is in Cannes to talk up a new film he's about to make with 'W.E' and 'Oblivion' star Andrea Riseborough. This one's called 'The Silent Storm', described as "a poetic romantic drama" set in a Scottish highland community. Bit different from 'Homeland', by the sounds of things.

'Homeland' is back on our screens at the end of September, but where can it go? Your thoughts, please...

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