24/05/2013 12:16 BST | Updated 24/05/2013 12:26 BST

Jing-Jing Chinese Girl Covered In Excess Hair To Have Medical Help (PICTURES)

A four-year-old Chinese girl who is covered in excess hair is to receive treatment to curb her affliction.

Surgeons have agreed to help Jing-Jing, who suffers from a rare genetic condition.

It is believed it could take up to two years for Jing-Jing to complete her treatment at the hospital in Changsha, Rex Features reports.

jing jing excess hair

Surgeons have pledged to help Jing-Jing, who suffers from a rare genetic condition

While there is no official explanation for the little girl's condition, it does appear reminiscent of a syndrome known as Hypertricosis Universalis, which leaves sufferers covered entirely in body hair.

Laser surgery is usually the course of treatment in this case.


jing jing excess hair

The four-year-old's treatment is expected to continue for two years