Joan Collins Blames Rolling Stones For Ruin Of Modern Society - But Who Do YOU Think We Should Blame?

Joan Collins thinks British society is wrecked, and she knows who to blame.

The screen legend has never been backward about coming forward, and this week, as she marks her 80th birthday - almost unbelievably when you look at her - is no exception.

Ms Collins pins the blame firmly on the rock stars of the 1960s and '70s, with their me-first attitudes, the Sun reports.

She said: “It was just accepted that you had to be rude and not really care about anybody except yourself.

“I think a lot of it had to do with the Beatles’ and Stones’ rock star lifestyle.”

This wholesome lot - surely not?

The former 'Dynasty' star also insisted that today's parents are not strict enough with their offspring. (Read more here... )

But is national treasure Joanie right on this occasion? Or are there a few more entertainment industry culprits closer to hand who need a calling out for what they've done to our culture?

Here are a few suggests in our poll, so you can vote for who you consider to have done the most harm, or have we forgotten someone? Let us know below...