Kim Kardashian Could Spend $1 Million On Her And Kanye West's Baby's Birth (VIDEO)

The very rich and very pregnant Kim Kardashian is reportedly set to spend $1 million on the birth of her first baby.

According to the National Enquirer, Kim will spend $25,000 on lingerie because she won't be wearing a hospital gown, and that's just the start of her reported 'diva demands'.

WATCH the video above for more clues at what she could spend the money on.

The Kardashians are hardly known for doing things by halves, but this week they topped all previous efforts with the invitation to pregnant Kim's baby shower.

What is possibly the most over-the-top party invitation you've EVER seen, comes in the shape of a music box, complete with a Kim-a-like ballerina which plays a lullaby version of Kanye West's 'Hey Mamma'. Yes, really.

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