Sebastian Vettel's Monaco Helmet Reveals A Naked Pin-Up As It Heats Up (PICTURES)

Red Bull Racing

Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel might find his progress at this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix hindered in any number of ways - bad tyres, hard walls or the fact that he's clearly driving way too fast around a tiny little seaside resort.

But in some small way he's already won - at least in PR terms - after he revealed his helmet is designed to reveal a (nearly) naked pin-up girl as it heats up.

Like many F1 drivers Vettel often uses special edition or one-off helmets for the season's biggest races.

This year his Monaco helmet is designed to reflect the glamour and history of the iconic race track. The dome commemorates great moments from the race's past, and the back features the aforementioned pin-up, in a tribute to the party lifestyle of Monte Carlo.

And whether you think it's cheeky or just tacky, there's no denying it's more impressive that Lewis Hamilton's effort...