Bill Pertwee Dead: Dad's Army Actor Who Played Warden Hodges Passes Away

Dad's Army Actor Dies

Bill Pertwee, who played Warden Hodges in Dad’s Army, has died, his agent has said.

Agent Meg Poole, of Richard Stone Partnership, said: "He was a really, really nice man. Very bright, very intelligent.

Pertwee was described as a 'bright and intelligent man'

She added: "He came from a big theatrical family, a big show business family, and like all of them it was his life and it was very important to him and he was a hugely professional, very clever man."

Pertwee's wife died several years ago and he is survived by his son, Jonathan, she said.

One of Pertwee's more memorable quotes was made whilst he talking to Captain Mainwaring: "I hope you stay up there to let me enjoy this war in peace. Because I do enjoy this war. I've never enjoyed anything as much in all my life... And you! You always spoil it."


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