Double Jaw Surgery And Spoon Massage: Extreme Cosmetic Trends From South Korea (PICTURES)

As the reach of plastic surgery stretches, HuffPost UK Lifestyle are hearing more stories from across the globe that challenge our notion of what it means to be beautiful.

Last Friday, reported that a South Korean mother has been massaging her daughter's face with a spoon for the past 16 years, in a bid to encourage her face shape to become "smaller" and the girl's chin "pointed".

Mother (left) explains how she massages daughter's round face with spoon (pic: MBN)

But this desire for a doll-like face, with large eyes and petite, pointed chin, is not sated by homemade beauty treatments for women in eastern Asia.

Cosmetic doctors have reportedly begun performing double-jaw surgery; a bone cutting treatment normally employed to correct congenital facial deformities.

According to The Huffington Post US, the operation, which involves realigning the upper and lower jaws, is very complex and potentially dangerous to patients.

Korean photographer Ji Yeo recently documented how Eastern and Western cultures have begun approaching plastic surgery differently.

Her series, entitled "Beauty Recovery Room" shows the painful lengths women will go to achieve their perfect body in South Korea.

Photographer Yeo captures painful post-op moments of Korean women

According to The Huffington Post US, Yeo was shocked how casual plastic surgery was for her female subjects, who offered the women post-op care in exchange for a portrait.

"it seemed to provide them pleasure and satisfaction. During the photo shoots, and even though they were in extreme pain, I could feel their excitement; the excitement of hopes realized.

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The Beauty Recovery Room

Ji Yeo (NSFW Photos)

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