Underwater Headphones Transmit Sound Through Your Cheekbones (VIDEO)


We recently produced our definitive-ish list of the best 9 headphones you can buy. But eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that our list did not cover situations in which you're completely submerged in water.

Luckily, there's a solution for that too.

Gizmodo recently drew our attention to these Finis Neptune headphones, which are pretty unremarkable except for the fact they transmit sound through your cheekbones when you're underwater.

In the UK you can pick up a pair for about £98. though they only have 2GB of storage compared to the more recent Neptunes, which have 4GB. Still if you do a lot of swimming, and really need to listen to Daft Punk while you do it, seems like a good deal.

Check out more details about how they work in the video about, and at the Finis website.

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