Sheffield Gas Explosion Damages Two Houses (PICTURES)

LOOK: Gas Blast Destroys House And Damages Another

Two houses have been damaged following a suspected gas explosion, police said.

Officers were called to Dundas Road, Tinsley, Sheffield following reports of the blast on Wednesday morning.

South Yorkshire Police said: "Initial information indicates that gas is the source of the explosion.

"Reports suggest two houses have been affected in the explosion. No serious injuries have been reported so far."

Emergency services are at the scene.

Two houses were damaged in the blast

A number of roads are affected - Dundas Road, St Lawrence Road, Town Street and Norborough Road, police said.

Officers said one house has been completely destroyed and there is significant damage to surrounding properties.

A force spokesman said the explosion happened at around 9.10am.

One house was completely destroyed

He said: "Officers at the scene are waiting for the area to be made safe to enable them to progress the investigation, but initial reports suggest that a gas explosion is the likely cause. Emergency services are working with representatives from utilities on Dundas Road."

He said: "Residents have been evacuated, and at this stage no serious injuries have been reported. One man was taken to hospital with suspected minor injuries."

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