Commuters Offered Free Galaxy S4 If They Could Stare At One For 60 Minutes (VIDEO)

In what is either an excellent PR stunt, a well-acted advert, or both, a company recently offered commuters the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S4 if they could stare at one for 60 minutes.

Swisscom set the challenge at Zurich's railway station, and while some concessions were made - you could blink - they did everything else possible to distract contestants from their prize.

Starting with a couple arguing nearby, and progressing to annoying musicians, loud crashes and bangs and even flashing lights, they worked pretty hard. And from the video it appears that almost everyone failed to keep their eyes on the prize.

The ad plays on some of the S4's unique features, including face tracking, eye scrolling and 'Smart Stay', in which the screen stays on when you're - you guessed it - staring at it.

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