EDL, Welsh Earthquake, #guardiancoffee And More: Funny Tweets Of The Week


The EDL dominated this week's news - what with their marching, Anonymous hacking and claiming that the holy book of Islam is, in fact, Kerrang!. (Admittedly, it was only one person who claimed that - but it only takes one rotten apple, eh?)

Meanwhile, Wales was shaken by an earthquake which might have been caused by Alex from 'The Apprentice' raising his eyebrows, or Bonnie Tyler returning home from Eurovision and slamming the door. In London, The Guardian came close to parodying itself by opening up a pop-up coffee shop in Shoreditch called #guardiancoffee. And over at the Vatican, the Pope announced that atheists could go to heaven - a claim swiftly dismissed by the Catholic Church, which is clearly not such a broad church after all.

But to hell with all that. Without further ado - here are some of the tweets about all these events (and half-term, and Bank Holiday bin day confusion, and more) that made us laugh/smile/hit 'Favorite' this week...

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