Lego And Sony Plot Amazing 'Electronic Bricks' Toy Revolution (WATCH)

Lego has a bright future - and not just because they've got an ever-expanding array of cool MiniFigs up their sleeves.

A recent collaboration between Sony and the Danish toy company has hinted at a new range of electronic bricks which could bring a new level of technical detail and fun to Lego bricks.

Unveiled at a Sony Computer Science Laboratories open house in Tokyo, the idea is to develop bricks with microchips that can communicate with a computer, and each other.

Known as 'Toy Alive', the project would allow toys to be remotely controlled, with functions including movement, editable light patterns, sensors and cameras built into the world.

Separate to the existing Mindstorms sets, which allow a level of robot movement and programming, the new bricks would be integrated into 'normal' Lego sets.

One idea is that a robotic set could be controlled by one player, with another taking a MiniFig's eye view of the battle from the ground.

Japan Times notes that the tech is currently limited by low capacity batteries. But it looks like it won't be all that long - a few years - before your Lego set can do more than just look really awesome.

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