Essex School Bans Students From Having Elvis, Joey Essex-Style Haircuts


Students' hair dos are becoming a hair don't after their school banned "pompadour" hairstyles made famous by Elvis Presley and more recently, TOWIE's Joey Essex.

Pupils at Billericay School in Billericay, Essex has clamped down on boys with "extreme" barnets saying they contravened uniform policy.

"The King" with his bouffant pompadour hairdo

In a letter to parents, head teacher Sue Hammond said: "Our school uniform policy provides clear guidelines as to those hairstyles which are acceptable in school and those which are not," the Echo reported."I would ask for your support in refraining from allowing your son to cut his hair into an extreme version of the style as, if he does, he will be unable to attend mainstream lessons until such time as his hair has grown out.”

Staff from the school, one of the largest in the county with 1700 students, have visited various hairdressers and barbers around the area asking them not to give students the haircuts.

Billericay councillor, Phil Turner, deputy leader of Basildon Council, defended the school's decision saying it is not "a draconian measure but a plea for pupils to look nice".

He told the Daily Mail: "I understand what the school is saying. Some people are taking a bit of a liberty, not everyone, so the school is saying 'can you be sensible about this?'"

"There is a fine line between what is acceptable and what isn't."


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